Napa needs a good bagel.

Noticing a distinct lack of authentic bagels in the Napa Valley, Toasted was created at the end of 2016 by Ariella Wolkowicz.. Hoping to fill the bagel void in Napa, this business offers a variety of gourmet bagels and cream cheeses.

To make the best tasting bagels possible, Toasted uses the best ingredients, including King Arthur’s Sir Lancelot flour in the dough(for consistency purposes) and Clover honey in the water for boiling, which lends the bagels a delightful sweetness. All spices and seeds are sourced from WholeSpice in Oxbow market to keep the product as local as possible. T

he bagels are made using the traditional method: hand-rolled, cold-proofed for an 18 to 24 hour fermentation, boiled and then baked, resulting in a delightfully blistered, slightly crunchy exterior with a creamy interior and chewy texture. Toasted is providing a premium product in a premium location for both tourists and locals.